Brian Nolan : A successful Business Development Director in various Industries.
Brian Nolan: Managing Director and Entry Level Coach
Correspondence Rating : 1675

A successful Business Development Director in various Industries I learned how to play Chess at an early age. It was an amazing learning curve and experience. It never left me and it never will. Once a Chess player, always a Chess player. I have been very fortunate to play the game from Australia to California and from Hungary to Istanbul and elsewhere. Today many years later I have discovered that it brings many positive aspects to your life. I would like to share with you my knowledge of the game at entry and beginner level because it will take you on a journey filled with endless opportunities. So let’s get you started at Welcome To Chess.

“While all artists are not Chess players, all Chess player are artists” Marcel Duchamp

Ellie Gamal: Director and Intermediate Level Coach
International Fide Rating : 1790

With a Master’s Degree in Education from King’s College London I have been a Competitive Chess player for a long time now. My recent victories were at the Egyptian Open in 2018 and the African Women’s Championship in Djerba Tunisia in 2020. People say practice makes perfect. I think that anyone who wants to progress needs to know basic positions and recognize them in practice. Equally, special emphasis should be placed on practicing Chess endgames through training sessions. Chess has always been a valuable tool to increase your focus and self awareness. Finally, every individual deserves a unique approach. I like to use my experience to figure out what that should be. So Welcome To Chess is the right place for you.

“In order to improve your game you must study the endgame before everything else.” ~ Jose Raul Capablanca